What is charity trustee insurance?

02 July 2019

Charity trustee insurance is personal liability insurance for trustees, officers, employees or voluntary workers for wrongful acts committed when carrying out their duties.

What we can cover

Our Charity Shield insurance policy includes charity trustee insurance as standard. This provides valuable cover with a limit in any one period of £100,000 with wider cover and higher limits of indemnity available upon request. The policy covers:

  • payments your organisation is required or permitted by law to make on behalf of a trustee
  • liability for loss or destruction of documents up to a limit of £50,000 in any one period.

We can include the following additional covers to protect trustees and your organisation:

 Entity cover

 Covers claims made directly against the organisation for wrongful act of trustees

 Employees included

 Covers wrongful acts of employees when acting on behalf of trustees

 Investigation cost

 Legal costs and expenses for advice and representation concerning proceedings initiated by any government department or agency to examine your affairs

 Environmental defence costs

 Legal costs and expenses incurred in the defence of criminal proceeding concerning pollution or contamination 

 Outside trustees and outside boards

 Provides indemnity to trustees acting as a trustee of another not-for-profit organisation

 Related bodies

 Covers trustees and members of the management committee of associated organisations

 Retired trustees

 Cover includes retired trustees and extends for 6 years in event of non- renewal   

 Emergency costs

 Up to 10% of the limit of indemnity for emergency costs and expenses incurred 

 Extended reporting

 Up to 12 months extended reporting facility (subject to payment of additional premium) if cover not renewed